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Tango Thoughts

True Movement

ACCU2016 Talk Transcripts

Here are the posts that make up the transcript of my recent talk at ACCU2016 on Software Architecture Design:

ACCU2016: The Organising Principle Introductory poem given as a ‘Lightning Talk’.
1: The Path of the Programmer
2: The Historical Context
3: The Issue of Doubt
4: A Design Example
5: Active Design Ideas
6: Organising Principles
7: Perceiving Organising Principles

People & Tech

A rather eclectic mix of various musings:

My Thinking is NOT for Sale
The Boundary Problem : Home Life
The Boundary Problem : Bringing work home
How Tech-Awake are you?
Problems of the Inquiring (or Technological) Mind
Why do people become Programmers? Really?
Communication Shadows – The reason behind flame wars.
Theory meets practice – and saves lives
Overview of recent technological history
Initial Thoughts about People & Technology

The Study Diaries

For a while now I and my friend Paul have been studying Rudolf Steiner’s philosophical work, mainly in the area of his epistemology (theory of knowledge) where he took Goethe’s work to a new level. Here are some diaries of that study:

Background on Texts
Misplacing Egotism
A Tale of Two Polarities
Truth & Knowledge Commentary

Phenomenal Software Development

A set of posts covering the content of my ACCU2013 talk on Software and Phenomenology. Though, as to be expected, the thinking behind my ACCU2016 talk now provides a more coherent set of ideas about this subject. This ACCU2013 talk was the first session I ran on this subject.

  1. Phenomenal Software Development
  2. Key Observations
  3. Philosophical Interlude
  4. Delicate Empiricism in Software Development
  5. The Need for Exact Imagination
  6. The Internal Dimension: Part 1: Theory Building
  7. The Internal Dimension: Part 2a: Patterns & The Mirror of the Self
  8. The Internal Dimension: Part 2b: Patterns & Livingness

Here are some other posts relating to software development but not part of the slide series:

ACCU2015: Days 2-4: Asynchronisation & Philosophy
ACCU2015 Blog: Day1: Bits & Pieces
ACCU2015 Blog: Nerdfest Supreme
My Thinking is NOT for Sale
Post ACCU2014 Thoughts
Imagination in Software Development : ACCU2014 Workshop
Why Software Development Requires an Evolution of Consciousness
The Importance of being an Amateur

The Glider Chronicles

Posts detailing some of my gliding ‘exploits’ at Lasham, UK. These were mainly during 2011 and despite gliding having taken a back seat recently more of these will follow.

2009 : The first in the series
April 2011 : The beginning of an active flying year
May 4th 2011 : Soaring in Blue
Friday 13th 2011 : Lucky for Some
May 21st 2011 : From Wood to Glass
May 27th 2011 : Fire Thermal and Aerotow
May 31st 2011 : Competition Day
May 31st 2011 : Loads of Fluffies
June 4th 2011 : Competition Saturday
June 4th 2011 : Strong Crosswind & Aerobatic Fun
June 2011 : More Competition Pictures
June 11th 2011 : A Single Seater Day
June 19th 2011 : White Card Flying Test
June 20th 2011 : Solo to Bronze
June 25th 2011 : Vintage Beauties
June 30th 2011 : In the Calm of the Evening
July 3rd 2011 : Cheap Winch, Expensive Aerotow
July 23rd 2011 : Gliding with Seagulls
August 11th 2011 : Feeling Connected with the World
August 13th 2011 : Modern Beauties Part 1
August 13th 2011 : Modern Beauties Part 2
September 3rd 2011 : An Evening down on the Farm Strip
September 16th 2011 : Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
September 28th 2011 : Big Wings & Blue Skies
October 15th 2011 : Last of the Autumn Soaring
November 12th 2011 : Pedal Power


Various cycling posts from the early times.

Electric Bike
Time to go cycling – preparing for the Scotland leg of a charity ride.
Cycling now done – the aftermath of the charity ride.


Not a subject I talk about here much:

Asking the Wrong Question?
Promises Promises : Some thoughts after having watched the Channel 4 drama ‘The Promise’

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