So – back to the flying plot for 2011. I realised that I didn’t fly a glider at all in 2010, due to having made the most of the motorglider (pictured in the previous post) before it was sold off due to not being used enough. So it was now time for having a real drive to get back to solo standard and try and go for what is called the Bronze badge. This is a first step towards having the glider pilot’s license. All that is needed after that is a Cross-Country flying endorsement.

So here is to a post to catch up with progress throughout April.

Sat 23rd Apr: Conditions: (unknown)

Personal notes:

  • First time back in a glider for over a year. Judgement is quite a way out, resulting in being far too high in the circuit. However, better that than too low.
  • Instructor notes:

  • 3 circuits. Tendency to be a bit high all around the circuit.
  • Mon 25th Apr: Conditions: Moderate crosswind.

    Instructor notes:

  • 3 wires in moderate crosswind. CBSA. Running out of height. Stall. Run out of height okay but need to recognise earlier – suggest spin, a higher cable break plus another run out of height before solo.
  • K13 about to be winch launched beside runway 27

    Sat 30th Apr: Conditions: Strong easterly.


  • In these conditions may need to fly it on to stop it ballooning.
  • Instructor notes:

  • 3 flights in strong winds. Practiced stalls, low spin and thermalling. 2 circuits with altimeter covered. Well flown.
  • I love it when they write “well flown”. Makes you feel as though you are getting somewhere.

    The Chronicles for May will be done day by day…

    Comments welcome. Let me know what you think...

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