Here are some of my favourite videos. A mix of my various interests. Hope you like them.

First some Dancin’

I really love dancing Argentinian Tango which I do at Tracies Latin Club in Southampton where I teach beginners.

A beautiful yet very controlled tango. This is not so easy!

Another lovely and longer video (with a good explanatory section at 3:00 onwards) called “The Heart of Tango”.

A video showing how to make sure you dance in a small space.

Here is a great workshop demonstration of how to do more with less…

I love these colours!

And the closing sequence from the film Assassination Tango. Admittedly a bit showy…

Now for some great Gliding

Crazy cliff soaring down on the South Devon coast with a strong wind from the south. Look for the steep glider pilot type turn around 0:55…

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