ACCU2016: The Organising Principle

[This is the poem from my ‘Lightning Talk’ at ACCU2016. A transcript of the mentioned talk is to follow]

When you create
A system that you make
Does it ever get away

From you?

Get a life of its own.


Just Breathe.

Take a walk
How did you get here?
Is it at all clear
What happened in that embedded, bifurcating moment
When you embarked
On your path.

Where did you STOP.

And think.

And really see the Pattern.
Did you really discern?

Or did you

fix it
kill it
force it
coerce it

Into preconceptions already held.
Driven by the money

Did you savour the quiet moment of the mind
The gap between problem and solution?
Did you really see the living pattern?
Embedded in needs
That we call requirements.

Did you cherish Simplicity?
Or did you rush into Complexity?

So –

How can you change?
How can you learn?
To see the Essence.

The Organising Principle.

There is a way
A path you can take
But its not where you think
It out there – on the brink.

And its not a quick thing
An easy piece of mental bling.

Your Logic you see
Only takes you so far
To the edge of your knowledge.

But a way can be found
To cover the ground
On the far side of that edge.

But if you cannot see it.


Just Breathe.

Take a walk
And if you wish
Come to my talk.

ACCU2016: Talk on Software Architecture Design 1: The Path of the Programmer

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