GLIDER CHRONICLES 2011 – November 12th : Pedal Power.

Believe it or not there WAS some flying on this day despite the weather at the start of the day being misty.

However this post is primarily to show some of the pictures of the 50th anniversary of a human-powered flight back in the 60s at Lasham by the then CFI Derek Piggott. Check out this hilarious British Pathe newsreel here.

The aircraft being flown at Lasham is called Airglow and uses modern materials and ideas. The day dawned very misty and the pedal-powered aircraft was trying to get some flights in before an airliner was due to take-off. You can see the firetruck trying to chivvy them along in the following shot.

Trying to get some last flights in before an airliner is due to roll. Hence the fire truck.

Mist covered sun.

The shot at the right shows just how misty the day was. I even managed to get some shots with the camera.

An interesting point about the construction that is shown in some of the shots later is that rather than having the weight of control cables running from the front cockpit area, they used model aircraft servos. Who would have thought that a pedal powered-aircraft would be fly-by-wire? But it worked admirably well, apart from getting a bit wet in the mist which messed up the contacts.

Also I am not sure I can say much positive about the fashion sense of the flyers. But what can you expect from a mixture of a pilot and a cyclist? 🙂

I will leave you with some of the other shots I took on the morning.

Until later.

View of the model aircraft servos for the elevator and rudder.

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