Cycling now done

Well, managed to actually enjoy myself on the cycling trip from dear Inverness to John O’Groats. First day was beautiful and only a 50 mile run so was all done by early afternoon. Second day was more challenging what with a 20mph headwind for the first 50 mles followed by a 50 mile run along the coast with massive hills that went on for miles. A place called Bettyhill is forever stamped in my memory.

I can recommend the area north of Inverness and south of Lairg. The scenery around there was really lovely. But as usual it is possible to get some rather grumpy B&B establishments. However the Mackays Hotel at Wick at the end of it all was very hospitable.

So 2 photos. The first is the view coming down to Bonar Bridge near Ardgay, and estuary to the north of Inverness. The second is a view of me looking gormless with the bike and a much nicer view in the background. For this part of the journey I was the only one with a mountain bike and panier! But its my setup and works for me, despite being rather heavy. Just think what I could do with a real roadbike!

View down into Ardgay estuary

Yours truly with bike.

So all in all a great experience, and all the training made it manageable. Also got to see a lovely part of the countryside, well worth it.

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