Please let me know if any of these links go bad. Just send me a comment.

Watercolour Painting courses in Newbury by Claire Warner

Society for All Artists


Lasham Gliding Society

Popham Airfield

Airbourne Aviation – Microlights at Popham


XCWeather Site

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Projection

ECMWF 4 day panel

Sunrise/Sunset times

Goethe and Anthroposophy

Transition Consciousness blog – Simon Robinson in Brazil

Landscape Phenomenology Workshops in France

Nick Thomas’ Projective Geometry


Tracie’s Latin Club in Southampton

Tango UK in Bramshaw

2 thoughts on “Links

    • Hi Sigurd, Thanks for the comment. This is a link I definitely will put up here as I have been interested in the Nature Institute for many years. I mainly came to it via Steve Talbot’s work although he has drawn away from the tech area somewhat nowadays.

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