The cryptic note had turned up on Edwin’s doorstep that morning:

“A change unnoticed by most mortals.
A change with silence to mark it’s passing.
A change blown by the zephyrs of time.”

He wondered just who might have sent it. It didn’t sound like hate mail but it was definitely mail he hated.

He hated the sender trying to manipulate him.

He hated people who tried to mess around with his mind so he just threw it in the bin before storming out of the front door to go to work. Work he also hated if he was honest with himself.

Work was just another one of those days, slightly worse than most, where he wondered about the sanity and judgement of those that ran the company. But what the hell, he was just a hired hand so he did as he was told, as long as it paid the mortgage.

But through the morning the contents of the note did indeed mess with his mind. It was as if he was looking at one of those drawings that could be seen two ways and his work was the drawing that, so far, he had only seen one way. The note had shown him another way and he did not like it.

During the busy morning he stopped and looked around at his colleagues and started to wonder if work used to be this frenetic in the old days. He was sure life must have been slower. But if so was there indeed a wind of change that had gone unnoticed?

When he got home he went to the bin and extracted the note, placing it on the kitchen counter and read it again while he prepared his evening meal. He could not stop the words rolling around in his head.

He did not sleep well that night.

© Charles Tolman 2012.

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