Look – Don’t Touch

Too easy to forget the reality
Of touch as feelings roil
Pulling at my heart
Bleeding through my chest

The figure sits on the page
Emotion squeezes through my ribcage
The curves, the light
Tantalising – bright

Look – Don’t Touch

The eyes wonder
Caressing the view
Fingers of imagination feeling
Longing for the reality

Making it flesh – sensory
But only like a memory
Untouchable – except in thought
Breaking me down to naught

Look – Don’t Touch

Just how the hell do I live this?
How do I stay away – alone?
Do I just sit in stasis?
Gradually turning to stone?

Does anyone else get this?
Or can they too easily get to bliss?
I watch and wonder – staying solo
Trying to ponder – but just getting low.

Look – Don’t Touch

You would think I would have cracked this by now
But all I know is how to take a final bow
Fall through the crack

Just eff off and die
All too easy to unground and go for the sky
A man left alone
Pulling himself into just a skeleton – a bone.

Look – Don’t Touch.

© Charles Tolman

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