Fathers Day

A quiet Sunday
Texts from the kids
The wonder of a daughter who cares
A son who loves – shares
A card on the table
But all is not so stable

The heart in pain
As it hears a sung refrain
An inner tide of red iron
Keeping me alive to feel the cut
Of a life having opened doors
But leaving too many shut

The love of a daughter, a son
Truly – keenly – felt
An opening heart
The tears that melt
A solid core of emotion lumped – pumped
Like poison around a body slumped

The contrast between success and failure
The constant reminder of other’s material wealth
Posing on streets – houses – maybe even in stealth
The crashing reminder of how things have gone awry
Forcing me to look at my decisions
Not able to shy

Just another Fathers Day

June 2014
© Charles Tolman

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