An Artistic Day Out

Today was one of those wonderful, surprising and unplanned days. I decided to take a look at the art in the Open Studios 2016 event going on around Newbury.

First stop was to see a studio of an artist who looks like she is going to be one of my favourites. So much so that I am posting a couple of her pictures here from her SAA website with her permission.

Her name is Pearl Hailstone and it was lovely to turn up at her studio and get offered some tea and biccies(!) while we chatted and she gave me some great advice for my budding watercolour skills. I just love the colour contrast and loose style of her painting so have taken on her advice and will have to give it a go.

Thank you Pearl for such a warm welcome and a cuppa just when I needed it.


Dartmoor Trees and Fence


The Old Lock

Another artist of note was Sarah Moorcroft whose work I saw at the Insight exhibition at New Greenham Arts. It literally jumped off the wall and hit me in the eye! She has some stunning high colour contrast ink on paper work which is well worth a look down at Pineapple Palace.

It was great to see some art piece and then think, “Hmmm, how was that done?”, and then be able to actually go for a short drive to talk with the artist and ask them.

One of those great days when I felt I was in the best of the universe’s flow.

One thought on “An Artistic Day Out

  1. I agree – stunning watercolours. Show us the results of your efforts when they’re complete.

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