Time to own up to my Arty side – Darling!

So given the recent posts I have been producing I thought it only proper that I own up to some of the other activities in which I indulge.

You will already know about the gliding, but there is a more ‘closet’ side to my nature. 3 to 4 years ago I started learning to dance Argentinian Tango and have to say it is one of the most wonderful dances I have ever come across. It is so totally engrossing that you will rarely see the dancing couple having a chat!

I have added a page of VIDEOS where I have put links to some of my favourites. Here is one I love for the colours!

More recently, like in only the last few months, I have also taken up watercolour painting to balance out the techie side of my nature. So I have taken my heart in my hands and published a page of my fledgling ART. Please be gentle!

Painting from a sculpture.

Painting from a sculpture.

There now. I feel a lot better getting that of my chest.
But now back to the Phenomenal Software.
Or is it the Software Phenomenon?
Thanks for listening.

Comments welcome. Let me know what you think...

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